Get a Grip

Apr 23 2014

He couldn’t see his vice for the shavings.

You might achieve more.

I put I before thee. That’s why I thrive.

You’re not very different.

I don’t want to exert any pressure.

Find the hidden but.

Don’t you think it’s time you stood out?

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Apr 23 2014

Remove most adjectives. Both an observation and the writer’s declaration of intent. Discard the unnecessary, the needlessly ornamental, distilling narrative to its essence.

She takes nothing for granted, even form itself. Is a sentence more than a sentence? Stripped to the bone, experience reveals itself.

Everything took place when she wasn’t there to witness it. Brevity evokes conditionality. She shares a visionary spareness and pleasure in the absurd.

“Regular and orderly in your life, violent and original in your art,” she told us. Our need to create meaning from haphazard thought.

Language gives shape to chaos, investing existence with a form. Handle the shards with care. Picking up pieces in the pottery barn.

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